Icarus finished


After a good 48 hours I finally dared to unpin Icarus.  I’m rather pleased with the final result bar one flaw – the silk isn’t as elastic as wool, so the extra yarn in the yo4’s forms loops at the points (if you look carefully at the photo you’ll see them).  If I’d put in a lifeline at the end of chart 4 as I should have done, I’d have frogged back to fix it with yo2’s instead, but since there was no lifeline, I’d decided to live with it rather than rip back three rows and try pick up the 600+ stitches.


In the last couple of days I’ve dyed one lot of yarn, and have a second lot I will do soon.  This lot was six balls of Cleckheaton Country Silk I bought back in July.  I was aiming for a light grey with the occasional bit of purple and sage green.  I got the grey okay, and the purple, but the green was too dark and looked fairly ugly once it was in the dye bath.  Thankfully it isn’t so bad once dry – you probably can’t even spot it in the picture.  The yarn is for a hexagon afghan.  There will be more yarn bought (on KMart 15% off days) and dyed for this project down the track.  I don’t mind variation from different dye lots in this instance.  In fact, I dyed this yarn in my market-stall-bought old stock pot on the stove top.  The pot is huge – all 18 litres of it.  My microwave dyeing dish is only two litres and I needed something bigger for when I want more consistent results for a bulk lot of yarn.  This was the first time I’d dragged out the pot since I bought it months ago, and was a bit of a trial run for the next dye job – the half-kilo (or so – I can’t remember) of wool/silk that Mum spun for me some time ago.

rpmsock1While waiting for the dyed Country Silk to firstly cool in the dye pot and then to dry, I started another sock.  I was bored of socks, but a few months without one on the go has cured that.  This one is the RPM pattern from Knitty in Patons Patonyle colour 4312.

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  1. Bron says:

    It looks gorgeous, Jen! Well done!


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