Dyeing results


This is hand spun yarn my mother spun for me from wool and silk.  It has taken some time for me to get around to dyeing this, partly because of the amount (600 grams) and a desire for it to be evenly coloured, and partly because I had to decide on a colour.

I got the colour I wanted, but I didn’t get the even colouring.  This went into the mammoth pot I dyed the Country Silk in last week as a trial run.  I had at least double the volume of liquid and yarn in the pot this time, which led to unforeseen issues.  I think what happened was that the yarn on the bottom of the pot heated up fastest, and dye fixed to it more rapidly than elsewhere in the pot.  So seven of the eight skeins have a dark patch with lighter parts either side.  Seeing as it has happened fairly consistently, I’m not troubled by it, but next time I try an even dye job, I’m going to try putting a trivet of some sort in the bottom of the pot so the yarn can’t sit on the bottom.

The next step is to start swatching to determine what stitch patterns will or won’t work with this yarn, then plan a cardigan or jumper for me from it.

Meanwhile the first RPM sock has reached the heel.  I’m spending the weekend in Sydney (Charlotte, my youngest niece, is turning one!), and it will be coming with me.

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