Unexpected Knitting in Public

I arrived in Sydney on Friday afternoon, and eventually got around to checking email and reading the latest blog postings on various blogs sometime late in the evening.  Kate mentioned that the Rubi & Lana’s meet was on this Saturday morning at 10am.  I had already known it wasn’t a SSK weekend, which keeps happening to me – I haven’t been to SSK since last January!  So I decided what the heck, rearranged my Saturday plans, and went along.

It was so nice to put faces to some people whose blogs or podcast I  have been reading/listening to for some time.  There was Kate, David, Meg, Sally and Mandy (a fellow pink elephant alumni from two years ahead of me at Cheltenham!).  I showed them my Icarus shawl which I had brought to Sydney to show Mum, and got to see what they were all working on.  Kate has posted about it along with photos.  I worked on my RPM socks (as shown in the photo of me).  I stayed about two hours before I headed off to do the other things I had planned – buying some Tulip bamboo dpns at Tapestry Craft (I don’t like the Clover brand ones), chocolate from Haigh’s and beads from Empire Beads (Enmore).  And I got my gelato fix at the QVB on my way back to my brother’s place.  I miss gelato, living in Armidale…

This morning I finished the first RPM sock with the aid of a needle borrowed from Jenny B.  I’ll photograph it later.  Next I’m off to Charlotte’s birthday party, then back home tomorrow.

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