Sock yarn dyeing #2


Yesterday afternoon I dyed the second two balls of Patons Patonyle I bought last April.  This time I went with a 4 metre skein, which I wound on my warping board (above) on Wednesday and wetted out overnight.   I went with two colours this  time, hence the shorter skein, which was much easier to deal with.


Here’s the dyed skein, which dried overnight, seeing as it is so hot at the moment.  I really love the colours the way they turned out, but I must work on dyeing the transitions between colours better – there are pale patches that I didn’t want.


And here’s the resultant dyed skein, rewound on the swift.  I don’t know how I ever survived all the dyeing I’ve done without a swift.  I wound both balls of Patonyle off together into the 4 metre skein, so I set up both the ball winder and the swift and wound off the two strands from the long skein into a ball and a short skein simultaneously.  I could handle the 4 metre skein on my own, unlike the 8 metre skein last time that definitely required help!  This yarn is destined to become a pair of Jaywalker socks.  But I won’t be casting them on until the RPM socks are finished.


This is where the RPM socks are up to.  After knitting a repeat an a half of the self-striping pattern, I discovered that the second ball had been wound in the opposite direction to the first ball such that the colour repeats are in the opposite order!  I used both balls from the outside (I tend to use commercial balls from the outside, but balls off my ballwinder from the centre), and I checked and they are definitely the same dye lot.  I’ve never come across this happening in self-patterning sock wool before – I assumed they always wound them the same way.  It won’t matter since the spiral pattern makes it difficult to pick up (so I didn’t even bother starting the second sock at the same point in the dye pattern) and so it will be most obvious only on the sole.  Still, it’s something to keep in mind in the future.

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4 Responses to Sock yarn dyeing #2

  1. ginger_nut says:

    Hi Jenny –
    Thanks for the offer with the totem, I tracked some down at the Hornsby Craft and wool nook.


  2. Ruth says:

    Oh my goodness. What tiny feet you have. Mine go on for miles. You could almost knit TWO feet in thetime it takes me to knit one.
    I love the purple silk.


  3. Jenwren says:

    Tiny feet? Uh, no. I have quite wide feet, and often wear men’s shoes (men’s size 7). My latest pair of Crocs are Mary Janes, and I have them in the largest size they make (women’s 10). I think the added width of the sock and the lack of a scale (those are 20 cm long dpns if it helps…) make them look smaller than they are. I’d convert that to a UK size for you, but the info on the web is too confusing. One of my pairs of shoes is labelled European size 41 – not Ian Thorpe style flippers, but not small either.


  4. Donna says:

    Thank you for the info on the warping board. What a good Idea. We are trying to dye sock yarn like the electronic dyed yarn.
    Our guild is getting together here at my farm because it is easier to dye here. Again thank you.
    Sincerely Donna


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