RPM Socks Finished


I finished the RPM socks yesterday.  It’s a shame they won’t be worn for a couple of months yet as they are nice and snuggly.  I didn’t manage to keep myself from starting the Jaywalker socks before finishing the RPM socks as I was just too keen.  But about 9 or 10 repeats into the zig zag pattern, I had to stop and consult my knitting encyclopaedia about the double decreases.  They didn’t look right, and the encyclopaedia confirmed I’d misunderstood the instructions.  So I discovered I’d been doing double decreases the wrong way for years, but it had never looked quite bad enough that I’d realised what was wrong (the right stitch was ending up on top instead of the centre stitch).  After putting the stitches onto scrap yarn and checking the fit (which was fine), I ripped back to the ribbing and started the zig zag again.  It hasn’t taken long to get further than where I was before ripping, and some.  And the stripes are perhaps not as distinct as they could be, but I think they’re great.


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