Sometimes, it takes me a while

I reached the end of spinning the singles from the dyed silk hankies yesterday and they are ready to ply.  But I’ve had the purple silk/merino blend waiting to be plied since around Christmas and thought it was high time I did so.  Especially as some of it has been waiting a long time (eek!  nearly a year!).  So as incentive (since I’m keen to see how the silk turned out), I’ve plied the silk/merino first.


The first skein was plied yesterday, and a second and a small third one were plied this morning.  I keep looking at it thinking “wow” and “why the heck didn’t I do it sooner?”.

Next up, the silk.  And the first jaywalker sock should be done soon too.

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3 Responses to Sometimes, it takes me a while

  1. Kate says:

    That is such a rich, beautiful colour – Is it destined for socks too?


  2. Jenwren says:

    No, the purple merino/silk won’t be used for socks as it’s too soft. I prefer to use commercial yarns spun for the purpose for socks. I haven’t actually decided what this yarn will become!


  3. Kathi says:

    Glad to see my pencil case has pride of place on your front page.


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