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Some appalling length of time has passed since I last warped up my loom (about two years, eek!), but I’ve finally done so.  But this warp has been less than nice to me.  It started off being too wide and too weft-faced (I would run out of the handspun silk weft without sufficient length for a scarf), then I made two threading errors (near the middle, so nearly half had to be re-threaded after adding string heddles), so after nearly a week, I’ve finally got this warp on the loom for the third time…


It’s still more weft-faced than intended, but the silk handspun will more than make it to the other end of the scarf, and the silk is pretty…

Meanwhile, having taught a sock knitting class last Sunday, and having another one to go next Sunday, I’m sick of the sight of socks again.  The jaywalkers are thus making only slow progress.  I have several other things I could work on if I were not so lazy, as each requires a gauge swatch and some thought before commencing.

And since my last post, I have also been helping with my Spinners and Weavers group garage sale and move from behind the town pool to the Showground.  The new space is a great improvement and already looks much better than in the photos on the site.  I nabbed some of the boxes after they were emptied and brought them home for when I eventually move house.

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2 Responses to Actual Weaving Content

  1. Bron says:

    It looks gorgeous! But how about a photo from the top, so we can see the pattern better?
    (Yes, I know, I’m so demanding…)


  2. Jenwren says:

    I prefer leaving a little bit of mystery… :op


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