Jaywalker Socks Finished


I finished the Jaywalker Socks at Knitters Guild on Wednesday, about five minutes before “show and tell”.  It was good timing.


There has been lots of rain here this week: I’ve not experienced anything like it in Armidale in the four years I’ve lived here and I’ve heard that some are saying the weather “is back like it used to be”.  I hope it is an end to El Nino.  The large drops of water in the foreground of that photo are from the overflows on the guttering.  There is only one downpipe on my section of roof (which I dearly wish was connected to a rainwater tank) and one downpipe on the unit behind me, collecting water from that unit’s roof and our garages (which are at a lower level).  I always get overflow at the back door when it rains hard, the other unit gets overflow at the front door.  The rain has been almost daily, and almost always causing the gutters to overflow.  At the sight of sunshine this morning, I did a load of laundry, even though it wasn’t a full load, in case I don’t get another chance for a week!

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