Been Busy

Every time I get busy, blogging stops.  I’ve been busy.  Really busy.  I’m going to be even more busy, but I’m not blogging about that for now.  But I have plenty of stuff I can tell you all about.

Last weekend was the Armidale Show.  The Spinners and Weavers put on a display, and you can see me spinning in public over there (first photo).  I was spinning up some blended possum and merino that Mum brought back from New Zealand for me late last year.  And I finished spinning the singles on Saturday night and plied it on Wednesday.  It was a bit overspun as I kept being distracted, but it will make a nice pair of fingerless gloves when I get around to it…


I also entered the Jaywalker socks into the knitting section of the show, which unfortunately only had two entrants – myself and Bronwyn.   Bronwyn took the honours and my socks were given second place.  You can see a picture of them both on display (last photo).  The number of entries was particularly poor this year – I almost didn’t bother (I was really busy, and almost didn’t make it over to the showground to enter them).  I hope something can be done to encourage more entries.

I made it to Virginia Farm on Monday and bought some more dyes to extend the range of colours I have on hand and had a long chat to Jenny about dyes.  I gleaned some valuable information about dyeing Optim wool that I will put into practice when I finally get to the 500 grams of it I have in the spinning stash.  Today I used some of the new dyes on some more silk hankies.  They were meant to have more blue and less of the purple, but seeing as these are my two favourite colours, it can’t really go wrong.


I’ll start spinning these hankies (this is only a fraction of what I dyed) once I’ve finished with the natural coloured merino I’m  working with at the moment.   I’m spinning it very fine because that’s what it seemed to want to be, and as there’s only 25 grams of it, if it isn’t fine, it won’t go very far!  (Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of it.)


I got home on Wednesday and found I had a glut of tomatoes.  I have a plant in a pot on the front verandah (grosse lisse) and several plants out the back (I don’t know how many or the varieties, but they’re the cherry-sized ones)  that were self-sown from the compost I spread in the garden last year.


This is the same garden bed that was hit hard by the hail storm last December, and my parsley was not really ruined (sorry, dead photo link removed) – that’s it on the far right end of the plants, more than knee-high.  (Further to the right is a new extension to this bed which I finished about two weeks ago.)  The furthermost plant on the left is the most productive – it’s right in the corner of the bed adjacent to the path, and most of the plant is sitting on the path gaining warmth from it and the wall.  The plant extending the furthest from the bed in the centre is very large, but has really only just begun flowering.  I very much doubt I’ll get any fruit off that one before the first frost comes and knocks out all these plants.  I’d never have thought tomatoes would have grown here in the first place with only morning sun – the wall clearly makes a big difference, making it a bit of a heat trap.  And they’ve thrived on neglect as I was really only bothering to water the parsley until these plants really took off, and they’ve been virtually pest free whereas I’ve been constantly having to pick caterpillars off the plant on the front verandah.

And yes, I am knitting another sock.  But I forgot to photograph it, so I’ll show that another time…

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