If you haven’t already heard it from me and you hadn’t already guessed from my last post that something was up, I’m moving house.  I’ve got a job in Sydney that starts next Monday, so I leave tomorrow.  However, my belongings won’t be moving until the school holidays – I have to find somewhere to live in Sydney (no easy task at the moment!).  So far I have about half of my things packed, with the rest to be done over Easter.  Until then I’m staying with my brother, Tim, and Jenny B.  I’m very happy about the job (at “a school in Sydney” – that’s all the detail you’re getting) and I’ll be even happier when I’ve secured somewhere to live!

Sadly, it meant the weaving project I was working on with the handspun silk had to come off the loom.  It wasn’t going anywhere because I still wasn’t really happy with the warp, and had realised I’d had the perfect yarn for the warp in my stash the whole time (duh!).  So once I’ve moved and settled in, I’ll make another attempt at that project.  And there’s a definite positive in having an income again – I can continue to support my fibre and book buying habits!


Here’s the coloured merino I mentioned in the last post.  I’ve also started spinning a little bit of the silk hankies for variety.  The spinning wheel is coming with me to Sydney tomorrow.


And here’s the current sock – nearly at the toe.  You may notice I’m not using my bamboo dpns – I had to go up to 2.75 mm needles with this yarn as it’s just a smidge thicker than the sock yarns I usually use, and I don’t have that size in bamboo.

Last, but not least, good timing has seen me finally finish the web site I have been working on since January for the local yarn shop, WOW Wool on Wheels.

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3 Responses to Moving…

  1. Lara says:

    Congratulations on the job!


  2. becka says:

    My goodness, that is a lovely sock, I adore the colorway! Congrats on the new job!


  3. Jenwren says:

    Thanks! And I don’t think that photo does the sock justice as I deliberately didn’t dye the yarn a solid colour – it has a little random variation that really makes it look nice.


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