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I’m a happy bunny this morning as I’ve got my mitts on the latest Interweave Knits.  One of the small annoyances resulting from my leaving Armidale is no longer having the wonderful Carr’s Newsagency to visit.  They’ve been my newsagent of choice in Armidale for four years, and have home delivered my newspapers with only minor hiccups (like the time I got two copies of the second half of Saturday’s Herald only) for the last two years.  They get all the good magazines – Interweave Knits, Handwoven, Spin Off, Vogue Knitting, Yarn Magazine, Simply Knitting and several others.  Essentially, I’ve been spoilt.

Interweave Knits is a bit of a problem.  There’s three main ways you can get it – air freighted copies at Borders ($17.95 if I recall correctly – I actually leafed through this issue weeks ago at Borders), slow boat copies at newsagencies (but very few newsagents stock it) or by subscription.  The subscription service seems to be horrendous.  I had a subscription to Handwoven (also an Interweave Press publication) three years ago that had some issues which led me to refuse to renew and go back to trusty Carr’s Newsagency.  Interweave Knits’ problems seem to be far worse (see Sarah’s blog for just one of many examples of the subscription woes).  I don’t see subscribing as a viable option.  I could get it at Borders, but I baulk at the cost.  I’m willing to wait the extra 3-4 weeks and get it at a newsagency.  I tried to get it at Carrs on Wednesday, but to my disappointment it hadn’t come in yet.  So since I arrived in Sydney, I’ve popped into every newsagent I’ve happened across (which is a fair few as I’ve been visiting Real Estate agents in the search for somewhere to rent).  Today I hit paydirt at a newsagent I’d thought unlikely as it is in the same shopping centre as a Borders.  And the bonus is, it’s somewhere I shop regularly and will be living somewhere near – Newsfront Newsagency, level 3, Macquarie Centre.  And see that big yellow sticker “new lower price”?  It was $10.95 (thank you exchange rate).  I could have done a little dance in the shop, I was so happy.

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  1. Sally says:

    If you’re moving to the vicinity of the Macquarie Shopping Centre, hope you’ll be joining us regularly at Rubi and Lana’s.


  2. Jenwren says:

    Yes indeedy….


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