Much to my relief, me and my belongings finally have a destination in Sydney.  The Sydney rental market is super-crazy, and had I not been successful in renting somewhere over the weekend, it had become extremely likely that I was going to have to place my stuff in storage.  So I have a place to live.  And it’s where I wanted to be, and just down the road (literally) from my sister, in the same street I lived in before (1997-2000, excluding when I lived in Melbourne…).  All very familiar surroundings.

Unfortunately, as it took some time to get an address, the removalists will only just get me moved before the end of the school holidays (I had them all lined up for next week until the little problem of the destination address ruined that plan!).  School term ends tomorrow for me, and I also sign the new lease tomorrow, so I should be back in Armidale late on Thursday.   Beyond that, things are uncertain – my broadband connection in Armidale is to be cut off on the 15th (I had to give 30 days notice – I’m switching ISP) so I’m not likely to be blogging at all after that until my broadband connection is hooked up at the new place.

My new job is absolutely wonderful, but has kept me busy with class preparation and marking, as well as simply getting used to being in a new school.  The first cable sock is finished and the second is up to the heel flap and I’ve done a little spinning.  Sorry, no photos.  I’m too tired to bother.

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