Still Moving….

This moving house thing has been far too drawn out for my liking…  Thankfully the end is in sight now – the furniture etc. is to be collected on Wednesday and arrive in Sydney on Thursday where my parents will receive it for me while I clean up here and return the keys on Friday before heading to Sydney myself.  The broadband here is due for cut-off today and the phone is already on in Sydney with the new broadband connection ordered.  So this is my last post until the broadband is connected there since I won’t blog from work.  I’ve also moved my web site from my ISP provided free web space to a web host, and eventually this blog will be hosted there on Movable Type.


I have some stash enhancement – three skeins of Nepali Cotton for a weaving project, and some more cream Patonyle for hand dyeing for socks.  I bought them at Wool on Wheels, and would have gone more crazy but needed a better idea of an intended project before buying the yarn (I really want some Rowan 4 ply soft and Wool Cotton – both absolutely beautiful yarns!).  Danielle is having a sale on Noro yarns, but I have no projects in mind for that either.  I will go crazy ordering some books I’ve wanted for a while just as soon as I’m back in Sydney and clearing my post office box regularly.  There has been very little knitting progress as I’ve been doing a lot of marking for school when I haven’t been packing boxes.  But the second cable sock is at the toe, so it should be well and truly finished by the next post!

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  1. Oh no! Now I have another shop to buy yarn from… my pocket is aching…
    Seriously though – those colours look great togethr and I look forward to seeing what you create.


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