The View From Here

I had said I wouldn’t post until I had broadband again, but I hadn’t expected the broadband to take just three business days to be connected.  Yes.  Three days.  It was on before my furniture even left Armidale.  My new ISP, Internode, rocks.  So really, I haven’t posted because I’ve just been too busy with unpacking and work.  So much so that the current sock didn’t get picked up again until last night, and I am three-quarters of the way through grafting the toe.  So close to finished…

I had made an earlier attempt to finish the sock – I went to knitting group at Rubi + Lana last Saturday, but such was my frustration level (I discovered the front brakes on my bicycle were screwed by the removalists just as I was leaving and attempted to take the bike to my garage) that grafting was simply not an appropriate knitting task.  Oh well, I had some time away from the darn boxes with some pretty fine company!

view Unpacking on the weekend was focused on making my new home liveable, so the main bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and some of the living room were tackled first.  Thanks to the ANZAC day holiday yesterday, I was able to sort out the second bedroom/study, and unpack the 15 boxes of books downstairs.  The picture above is of the place I’m sitting at right now, though I took the picture shortly before the sun disappeared.   My outlook is of the dense bush in the gully that separates my home from the next block about 50 metres away.  I can’t really see those neighbours at all!


This little intruder did take me a little by surprise though…   I noticed him late last night as I was about to go to bed.  First I nearly didn’t see him, then I nearly mistook him for very similar (but green) paperweight I own and had unpacked earlier in the day.  I think he’s a Leaf-tailed Gecko.  He must have wandered in the door at some time when I had it open to move things in or out, and he’s probably been inside at least a few days – he blended in exceptionally well with the carpet, so I wouldn’t have spotted him, and he’d made it all the way upstairs to my bedroom!  Nice to know he approves of Patons Patonyle (cream for my own hand dyeing).  I had thought he may be a stowaway I picked up from the removalist’s truck, but having looked at the range and habitat, he’s probably a local I just hadn’t encountered before.  He was released into the night to find a more appropriate home.

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