More Local Wildlife


On Monday afternoon as the light faded, a flock of Sulfur-Crested Cockatoos descended on the tree in my rear courtyard outside my study/second bedroom window.  Most of them hung upside down while they ate berries from the tree, but this one was curiously watching me.  Don’t ask what kind of tree it is, I haven’t had time to nut that out yet (what a bad botanist I am!).  I have confirmed that the Gecko in my last post is indeed a local – my neighbour says she has one nesting under her back porch (I am surprised, given she has two wandering cats!).


I had opportunity to photograph the cable and rib socks in daylight today.  I finished them shortly after my last post, but had only succeeded in taking grainy photos of them until now.  The photo still doesn’t really do them  justice, especially the subtle variation in the colour.  I have started a pair of Roza’s Socks from the Spring issue of Interweave Knits  in a very conservative black Patons Patonyle from the stash.  I want some hand knitted socks I can wear inconspicuously to work.  Some days I’m happy to have my socks brightly demanding attention.  Other days I’m not.  I may well curse working with black yarn the whole way through though.  I took them with me to SSK on Saturday, but screwed up the taking out of the provisional cast on (I’m working toe-up with a short row toe this time) and had to frog back and start over.  I did mean to do that before SSK so I wouldn’t be distracted, but my Saturday morning disappeared somewhere.  I think there’s a black hole somewhere around here that’s keeping me drowning in school work, living with several boxes that still need unpacking, and not being able to find time to chill out a bit and knit more…

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