One Box

I now have just one moving box that hasn’t been unpacked.  It’s full of weaving stuff and I have nowhere to put the contents.  My last home had heaps of storage space inside cupboards.  This home does not – it’s got plenty of floor space, but not so good on storage space.  So I have this one large box, and lots of little piles of things without homes around the place.  The yarn and spinning stash is mainly in plastic crates and is stacked in one corner.  Other stuff would be accommodated in another bookcase (I always
need more bookcases) and the linen cupboard is too small for some of the bulky stuff, like blankets.

The bookcase issue has a more medium term solution – I know what I’m buying to replace the ancient (as in came from NZ with my parents in 1971) small bookcases I have now, but some painting will be required so it’s best left until the mid-year break.  The linen cupboard will be sorted just as soon as I get some of those bags you vacuum the air out of to reduce the bulk.  The knitting/spinning/weaving stuff has a problem. I want a storage solution that will be easily stored itself if I don’t need it any more (say, at my next home).  I know of just what I want but I just can’t find it in the shops.  It’s a cube storage system of PVC-coated wire squares with plastic corner connectors called "start-a-cube" and "add-a-cube".  I have an add-a-cube I bought 15 or so years ago and made two plant presses from, discarding the plastic corners.  If you don’t know what I mean, look here where it has been used to make a bunny cage, or here where it is used how I will use it.  I’ve tried Howards Storage World, Bunnings and numerous other places without success.  If anyone sees them, please let me know!

Nothing much else happening here.  Not spending much time in front of the telly, so very little knitting.  I’m working on moving the blog over to Movable Type, which has been something of a black hole, timewise.  Just a tad more difficult than anticipated and while I know plenty of CSS, I’m now having to learn a bit of PHP to make it work the way I want.  No more playing with blogs this weekend thought as I have school work that needs attention!

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3 Responses to One Box

  1. Lara says:

    In Australia they are called “Ibex Cubes”, and they are available at most Bunnings stores. I just bought some from Dural Bunnings for Cocky’s new house. They are about $8.50 per pack of 5.


  2. Jenwren says:

    You are fabulous! Thank you soooooo much! Thornleigh Bunnings didn’t have them – Dural here I come!


  3. I use these for my trade displays; they’re really handy. I first found them in the Reject Shop – a large pack (about 30 sheets of grid) that made several cubes cost $30. However, they don’t seem to be a regular stock item, and I too got my spares from Bunnings.


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