The Weekend I Wanted

Things I wanted to do this weekend:
1. Go to Rubi + Lana for knitting group and actually knit
2. Attend the auction of a place up the road
3. Go to a Harvey Norman warehouse sale
4. Look at more sofa beds so I can make decision about which one to buy
5. Install the Photo Album plugin for the blog
6. Wash the curtains I took down and replaced with my own, so that they can be put away

What I actually did this weekend:
1. Suffered from viral gastroenteritis
2. Marked work for school (but didn’t manage to finish it all)
3. Moved some recordings from the PVR to DVD recorder
4. Barely left the (still lonely) sofa

The last two items on the first list had the potential to be done, but one was affected by my web host making a sudden decision to up and shift the servers to a new location, and the other by the plumbers turning off the water without notice on Sunday morning. I’ve been enduring plumbing works here for the last three weeks (the work was expected to take just one week), with the water frequently having to be shut off, and only minimal use of the sewer allowed during the day. Regular washing has priority, so the curtains will have to wait on the laundry floor for another week.

Thankfully the gastro seems to have run its course.

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