I hate that feeling you get when you do something really stupid. I had one of those sheepish moments today – I locked myself out of the house. It was alarmingly easy. I went to put washing on the line and closed the sliding door so that I wasn’t letting the warm air out of the house with the heater being on. The sliding door has one of those lockable bolts, and it fell into the locked position thanks to gravity. I didn’t even think about it. Heck, I didn’t even know I was locked out until I tried to get back inside!

I’ve never locked myself out of my home before in the nearly eight years I’ve lived alone. And on any other day, it actually wouldn’t have been a problem, as I could have walked up the road to my sister’s place. I’ve given her a spare key in case of such situations. But she left yesterday to stay at our parent’s place in Port Stephens, and I’m on Oscar the puddy tat feeding and spoiling duty for the next week and a bit. So much for the backup plan. So there I was on the back porch, and I didn’t have proper shoes on. I was in socks and thongs so I could discard the thongs as I went inside to prevent carrying in the ripe berries that are falling from the tree outside. I called out to my immediate neighbour to see if she was home. No joy there. So I had to take a chair from my outdoor setting and use it to climb over the back fence – I’ve conveniently padlocked the back gate. Then I found a kind neighbour and used their phone to call a locksmith. My embarrassment ultimately cost me $135.

The time it took to get back inside also meant that I ended up driving to SSK rather than catching the bus (actually two buses). It took some time for me to get a parking spot, so I was late again. The parking around there causes me too much stress to actually enjoy going all that much. I took the Roza’s sock, which has progressed less than 5 cm since my last SSK outing four weeks ago. I’m just not getting in much knitting time. And I’m not enjoying the brioche stitch in that pattern much either. I may end up ripping it and starting over with a different sock pattern. Especially as my Amazon order, placed five weeks ago, finally has some prospect of arriving. When I place the order (having made a careful comparison of cost with the Book Depository), I believed all three books were in stock. Then Favorite Socks went out of stock. And later, No Sheep for You also went out of stock. Sensational Knitted Socks was sent out on the 11th after such a delay that they waived the extra shipment charges for splitting the order. The other two books were sent off yesterday (as two different parcels, six hours apart!) after I endured emails every other day asking me to approve the delay and confirm that I still wanted No Sheep (did they have fewer books arriving than they had back orders for?). The original order would have originally cost a few dollars more from the Book Depository, but they were also out of the same books at the same time as Amazon. And then later they came back in stock at much higher prices (which I thought I was imagining until Sarah mentioned it) so I had to wait out the delay with Amazon. I’m hoping the first of my ordered books arrives in the next week.

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