Not Enough Knitting Time


Alas, the Roza’s Sock are truly destined for the frog pond – I don’t like the pattern enough to continue, and my books have all finally arrived from Amazon. Sensational Knitted Socks reached me on Monday (it actually arrived on Friday the week before, but as I went to the pub after work, I didn’t go to the post office), Favorite Socks arrived on Wednesday (five days to get here – impressive!) and No Sheep For You arrived on Friday. Between writing fifty reports and marking 132 exam papers, I haven’t done much more than glance at them so far. And once I’ve finished this post, I have to make a start on another 27 reports and class preparation for the coming week. And go see to Oscar the puddy tat up at my sister’s place again. I just don’t have enough knitting time at the moment.

I made it to Rubi and Lana yesterday, and actually did some knitting on the Alpaca Bolero. I’m nearly at the top of the first sleeve, and despite initially working from the wrong pattern instructions, actually made some progress. David and Elaine were there when I arrived, and Sally, Kate, Lien and Candy all gradually turned up as the day progressed. Elaine and I were even working with the same colour of the same yarn – Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette in Dusk. Before Rubi and Lana closed and we moved on to the cafe (which has changed owners – hopefully an improvement) I bought some Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton in Putty for a bag I want to make with a flannel flower fabric lining. I’ve been meaning to buy the yarn for some time, but kept forgetting to take the fabric swatch with me. I really needed that swatch to get an appropriate colour match.

I will be missing from SSK (is it on?) and World Wide Knit in Public Day next weekend. (Sydney is missing from the site – go here for details) I’m off to see my parents and go to Tocal for the Back to Back Challenge. Mum’s in one of the teams. It should be fun!

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