Sydney World Wide Knit in Public Day 2007

I was supposed to be at Port Stephens, but my plans changed earlier in the week when my parents caught one of the lurgies going around. So they’re coughing and feeling miserable, and I don’t want to catch it too. So that was the end of any idea of going away for the weekend. And just as well, because as things turned out, Sydney and parts of NSW have been affected by severe storms over the last 48 hours. Part of the Pacific Highway collapsed, and a ship has run aground at Newcastle. Not a good time to be on the roads. And Tocal, where the Back to Back Challenge was to be held tomorrow, is flooded, so the event has been cancelled.

So instead I was left with the opportunity to go to the Sydney WWKIP Day event at the Sydney Opera House. I took the bus into the city as I didn’t want the stress of driving in the appalling road conditions, or the expense of parking in the City. Even though I missed a bus (by mere seconds), I made it in time to pop into Tapestry Craft for the sale and to Haighs Chocolates for a few treats. At the TC sale I picked up some double pointed needles in 1.5 mm and 1.0 mm to knit new linings for my leather gloves. Elaine gasped when she saw the size of them!


I caught a bus down to Circular Quay since the rain was pouring down, then walked to the Opera House. We were a big group despite the awful weather, and at our peak had 27 of us kip-ing away.


There was Kris, Mary-Helen, Sandra, David, Lara, Kate (and her son Lucas), Ervi, Madoka, Gemma, Catherine, Melinda, Helen, Helen (yes, two), Veronica, Charisse, Erin, Rachel, Rebecca, Merrin, Amy, Andrew, Judy, Michelle, Patricia, Yasinga, Elaine and myself. The weather alternated between okay and totally miserable. We could see groups of climbers up on the Harbour Bridge – I can only imagine that it would have been freezing to be exposed up there. Lots of photos were taken – including by passing tourists. Many stopped and looked at the sign we had put up, and a few asked questions and were keen to know of regular knitting groups. I was working on the second sleeve of the Alpaca Bolero and made a lot of progress between consuming coffee and cake and seeing what everyone else was working on. I think I’ve fallen in love with a Socks That Rock colourway that Charisse was using, and I was interested in the gloves Mary-Helen was working on, now I finally have the needles for my glove linings. There was a great diversity of projects in progress too.

I’ve put up an album of my photos on Flickr since I still haven’t got my photo albums to work here.

I finally left about 5pm. There were still some hardy souls sticking around, but I was starting to get cold. My timing was good – there was break in the rain that lasted until I was nearly at my bus stop in Clarence Street. It poured with rain while I was on the bus, but again I scored a break for the walk from the highway bus stop to my home.

Update: I’m sorry if you keep getting this post come up in your feed aggregator, but I’ve been editing the post to add more links to people’s blogs as I’ve become aware of them.

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2 Responses to Sydney World Wide Knit in Public Day 2007

  1. Charisse says:

    hi jen, it was nice to meet you yesterday. join me in the bunny foo foo club, you know you want to! 🙂


  2. C.Knoflick says:

    thanks for the pictures, looks like a great group, although windy and wet all around. I hope to be in Sydney after the first of the year. Maybe I can knit a long with a group of you. Great to put a face to David too. Thanks, great pics.


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