Another Wet Weekend

It has been another wet and miserable weekend. I expect the miserable weather is what kept people away from Rubi & Lana for knitting – only Taryn and I turned up. And I had to go to a work thing that was on from 12.30, so we really weren’t there very long. I had a very unpleasant drive home in the middle of a thunderstorm that dumped lots of water on the roads late in the afternoon

I have started restarted the black socks as beaded rib socks (stitch pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks) rather than the Roza’s socks I was knitting before. The black is still driving me nuts, but it’s getting easier to see now the pattern is established.

And I’m pleased to be able to claim victory over the multitude of problems I was having with installing the photo albums. They’re now up and running here (err, dead link removed) and in the left sidebar (I may yet change the colour scheme!). This finally finished duplicating all the content I had on Typepad, so I can now move towards closing my Typepad account – please check any links you have are pointing here and not there.

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