Craft Fair

School is out for me this week so I’ve been busy doing things before school holiday madness kicks into gear properly (government schools don’t start their hols until the end of this week) – things like finally replacing my CDMA mobile phone with something that won’t go flat in under 24 hours (I’m pleased to see the end of that problem), going to see a movie (Driving Lessons – it was good) and visiting Ikea to buy more bookcase parts (Ivar system), only to find that “in stock” on the web site didn’t quite convey that only one side piece was in stock, and you can’t build a bookcase with only one side piece… And still I came away having spent $180. When I go back, I’ll be going straight to the warehouse to get the Ivar parts only.

Today’s outing was to the Craft Fair at Darling Harbour. I arrived at about 10.45am, and spent about 3 and a half hours there all up. There were several yarn retailers – Bendigo, Touch, Prestige, Colinette, Yarns Galore, Ecoyarns and Belisa Cashmere just to name some. Certainly enough to keep knitters happy, but the majority of stands were quilting or beading oriented, with scrapbooking also represented.


I was particularly taken by the merino fine wool boucle at Touch Yarns and how nice it was for both knitted and woven items (particularly the blue shawl on the wall in the picture above). I contemplated buying some Tofutsies yarn at Ecoyarns, but didn’t like any of the colours, so went away satisfied that I had at least seen the stuff in person. I came across the Knitters Guild stand and found David and Kate on duty.



I also visited the Spinners and Weavers stand and saw some lovely woven articles.


Then I visited the quilt show where I found this crime against Flannel Flowers:


Then I ran into Elizabeth, who was on duty down the back of the quilt display. She told me there was a Flannel Flower quilt, which I duly visited, but it turned out to be Daisies (and pretty good ones, botanically speaking).


Before leaving, I went back to the Colinette Yarns and chatted with Sarah, whom I’d never met before, but know through her blog and the Justdoitknits Yahoo! group. It had been much too busy in the morning to try chatting earlier on. That was pretty much it for the day and I headed back home.

By the way, all the pictures above were taken on my new mobile phone, which has a 2 megapixel camera. I was trying it out, and some pictures are a bit grainy, but are okay considering the convenience of not having to carry around an additional gadget. The following pictures, of what I bought, were taken on my regular digital camera, which is 3 megapixel, and is now four years old and showing its age (and a tendency to gobble batteries and an ever increasing rate…). Sunlight is in short supply at present, so these aren’t ideal photos.



In the first photo, from left to right is some Colinette Jitterbug (copperbeech colourway), Addi Turbo Lace needles (I do hope they will be bringing them out in sizes larger than 4.0 mm – I wanted 4.5 mm, but ended up buying some 3.5 and 4.0 mm ones) and a Touch Yarns scarf kit (that contains a skein of the merino boucle I admired in a nice blue colourway). The second photo is of some charms I bought. I couldn’t go home without the sheep or the dragonfly in particular.

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