Bolero Finished


I finished the bolero on Sunday night. I certainly cut it fine yarn-wise, with a small amount left over that my electronic scales reckon is five grams, though it looks like less than that to me.

I might have finished the bolero sooner if I had not slammed a finger in my car door last Tuesday. As well as throbbing painfully for a few days, it has been displaying some interesting colours under my fingernail! I still managed to finish tidying up my garden and planting some herbs and flowers, which will be expanded on once we are closer to Spring.

School is back in and the weather is very cold – so much so that I sometimes wonder if I really left Armidale at all! It was 3 degrees Celsius outside my back door as I left for work this morning – probably even colder down in the garages. It is proving very difficult to heat my place, and the next few weeks will be particularly trying as I won’t be home for several evenings (parent/teacher interviews) so there won’t be the heat generated by cooking and being around for the heater to be on. Quite a number of cars are parked out on the street in this area, and they’ve had good layers of ice on them these past couple of mornings!

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2 Responses to Bolero Finished

  1. discoknitter says:

    Gorgeous! I hope it fits for a while 🙂


  2. M-H says:

    Looks lovely. Hope it’s warm!


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