Time Marches On

Thank heavens for school holidays. I hate eleven week terms, and the one that ended a week ago seemed to go on forever. I was sick a second time, just after having got back on top of everything after the first bout. I think I’m back on top of things now – the best part is having no school marking in the to-do pile for the first time in over a term.

I finished the Jaywalker Socks for Katherine last weekend, and she received them on Thursday and modelled them for me.


The Flannel Flower Bag is progressing and I have been enjoying some spinning of silk hankies. I dyed more silk hankies yesterday so that I will have enough silk for a particular project I have in mind.

My lack of blogging of late has to do with many other things going on that are unbloggable. I had a look at the last couple of entries and noticed the view of my back garden has changed quite a lot since my entry on 11 August. My garden is blooming.


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