Guild Open Day

My parents have been visiting this week and this morning my Mother and I went to the NSW Spinners and Weavers Guild open day in Burwood. We had great fun going around all the stalls to see what was on offer, then going around again, making purchases.



I bought some natural grey merino from Virginia Farm, a wraps per inch wooden tool from a stall that I unfortunately forget who was running, and a packet of dyed merino from Susanne’s House of Wool. I’d have a photo of my haul, but the camera is not cooperating again and the camera phone doesn’t do that sort of shot well. Mum also bought some of the same grey merino, and another drop spindle, I think from Waratah Fibres and Crafts (no website yet). We both spent all the money we had, so it was good.
Edit: Waratah Fibres now have a website.

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  1. from one jeni wren to another
    just happened on your blog by accident – while searching internet for the name of the bookshop under railway square! and you had mentioned it in a blog thanks.
    just to say what a beaut blog! I was a spinner and weaver at school- haven’t done it for years…hope to go back to it one day …I became a documentary filmmaker – weaving images…
    I will give your blog link to some other avid knitters and weavers i know.


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