I don’t think I actually mentioned on here that my present job is a temporary contract that happens to end in four weeks time. It’s part of why there’s been a lot of unbloggable stuff going on of late. But much of the uncertainty is now over – I’ve accepted a permanent job at a new school, starting in January (as anyone who’s seen me in person in the last week knows, has made me jump-up-and-down happy!). The new job isn’t terribly far from the old one, so I get to stay put in my present home, and now can settle in and do a few things that had “but if”-s hanging over them.

On the knitting front, I have started knitting with the silk hankies yarn, but very soon after starting with it (I’ll tell you what it’s becoming in a future post) I became busy, then two weeks ago I found I wasn’t seeing properly – I had scratched the cornea of my right eye (I think some grit got caught under my eyelid, but I thought it was bad hayfever) and came down with head cold (again) so seeing detail in anything became a real problem. Thankfully my vision is almost completely back to normal now. So for the last week I’ve concentrated my efforts on finishing the knitting on the Flannel Flower bag. It nearly looked like a bag at Rubi and Lana last weekend (I was knitting the strap), but by the time I went to SSK yesterday, I was up to the icord edging of the front flap with only weaving in ends to follow and I no longer needed to explain what the strange rectangular creation was exactly. I have no photos, but Mary-Helen took one that should be on the SSK blog sometime soon. I spent much more time talking than knitting, so nearly did as much on the bus trip home (which turned into a marathon since I managed to find myself on the only 288 bus that does not go all the way to Epping Station – It terminated at Macquarie Centre, adding 20 minutes and some inconvenience to my trip home) and I finished the weaving in ends last night so it is presently blocking. I was discussing the lining and how to perhaps add some thin wadding at SSK and Lyndell helpfully suggested using some felt between the bag and the fabric lining, which is what I may do. It definitely needs something or it is going to be very floppy! I also acquired an extra bamboo double pointed needle that isn’t mine (2.5 mm Clover, I use Tulip), I think it might be Judy’s?

Alas, it is exams his coming week and report writing next week before hitting the home straight to the end of the school year and start of the Summer break!

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