Commuting Fun

Last Wednesday I was involved in a minor car prang on the way to work. I’m okay apart from having hit my bad knee on the steering column, and the car had only minor damage and was drivable. Not the greatest week for this to happen, as it shook me up badly and put me behind with the school report writing, but at least I was able to keep driving the car until getting it fixed.

On Monday I had to take the car for assessment. They popped the bonnet of the car to examine the damage to the bumper and how much was buckled, then couldn’t get the bonnet closed again. That simple problem meant they wouldn’t allow my car to be driven, and I wouldn’t get it back until all the damage was fixed. Bugger. I hopped on a train to work. By late on Monday, the car was transferred to a smash repairer and they hoped to have it fixed by Friday. I bought a weekly train ticket and a travelten for the bus – it takes a bus and two trains to get from my home to work. Late today the smash repairer found another part was cracked that they didn’t know about until fitting the parts they had already got. So they have to wait for that part and I won’t have the car back until Monday.


The upside of all this commuting is that when I’m not switching bus/train or train/train, I’m getting a little knitting done. I started a pair of 9 to 5 socks nearly two weeks ago, and I’ve just turned the heel on the first sock. The yarn is Collinette Jitterbug in copperbeech that I bought at the Craft Fair back in June. I’m a little nervous about running out of yarn – something which commonly seems to come up with this yarn and worries me since when I knit the leg to the length I usually make it, the yarn used came in at 30 grams (normally I use up to 25 grams on the leg of a sock). So I ripped out a few repeats and reknit the heel flap today. I really like this pattern – it looks much more complicated than it is. I found it on Ravelry (where else?).



One downside of this commuting is that I haven’t yet bought a more appropriate closure for the Flannel Flower Bag. The lining is sewn in (with felt), but the closures I bought some time ago didn’t look right and I want something else. I also need to line the strap to strengthen it. It will just have to join the queue of things I needed to get done but can’t easily do so because I don’t have my car. But I’ll try not to complain. After all, some people have even worse luck than me.

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