With Pictures!

I succeeded in buying a new camera, so this post actually has pictures. The Flannel Flower Bag is now absolutely and completely finished with magnetic closures, but the photos were both out of focus, so I’ll have to try again (I know how to change the settings to what I want now).


The shopping trip on Wednesday was also successful for book shopping (two japanese amigurumi books) and yarn (Ranco sock yarn).


As I travelled to the city by train, I spent some time working on the beaded rib socks. I’m so determined to get these out of the way as I have the Ranco I’d like to play with as well as a ball of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn I bought in a group purchase arriving this Tuesday.


I actually completed the first sock last night having worked on it at SSK yesterday afternoon. We met at a different cafe than usual as Barmuda was closed. I didn’t like the cafe – it was way too noisy with 80’s pop songs playing. Argh! It was a great turn out though. I’ll put more pictures up in the Flickr pool.


Seeing as I suffered first sock syndrome on the beaded rib socks, I’m wondering if I’ll really have the resolve to finish the second sock without casting on another sock….

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