Mmmm Caramel…

Charlotte’s book arrived two days after my last post, but I still haven’t got the amigurumi book – I cancelled the order when I was informed it actually wasn’t in stock (the email I received the day I placed the order said “Today we sent you via Airmail” – a somewhat misleading statement since they’d done no such thing!) and ordered it from my preferred book supplier, who’d been out of stock but then restocked *and* dropped the price. Bonus. Except it still hasn’t arrived. Must practice my patience skills.

I also came down with a chest cold following that last post, which derailed my plans for the last week of my holidays. I was just well enough in time for my first day at my new school a week ago, and today was the first day with some students – school starts in earnest tomorrow.


While unwell I did complete the second sock of the black beaded rib pair. So the first sock took more than six months, whereas the second took 14 days. The picture above does them no justice, but being black, it is simply too hard to get a good photo of the rather nice texture. Since completing those, the once-were-9-to-5-socks-now-handwarmers have come along well and the first of the pair is complete.


The Rubi and Lana knitting group was at my home last Saturday, and there was an excellent turn out. I forgot to get out the camera and catch the crowd since we were too busy enjoying ourselves. Before everyone arrived, I put my dye pot on the stove with 100 grams of tea leaves and about 2 litres of water and boiled it for an hour.


It was sitting and cooling while folk were here. After they left, I strained out the tea leaves (gee, 100 grams of tea leaves is a lot when wet!) and returned the dye liquor to the pot with more water, 10 grams of alum and 3 grams of cream of tartar. I added a wetted out 95 gram undyed skein of The Knittery Merino Cashmere sock yarn (with a few extra green cotton ties added to the skein), purchased about a year ago, and simmered it for an hour and twenty minutes. I let it stand until the pot had cooled before rinsing.


After drying, the skein is a lovely rich caramel colour. I’m very happy with it! The yarn is earmarked for a pair of Earl Grey socks (in keeping with a tea theme).

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