Lots of finished stuff

Errr, fell down a hole called “new school” for the last eight weeks. I seem to have climbed out of it, and hope not to fall in again for quite a long time.

I have pictures of finished stuff. To begin, the wrist warmers in Anny Purl’s Cable Twist Handwarmers in the 9-to-5 socks stitch pattern. I’m very happy with the fit, especially with the thumb (as shown in my last post).


The first sock of the pair of Earl Greys is complete and I’m part way down the leg of the second. I carried the cable down the side of the heel flap (since I liked that feature of the 9-to-5 socks-that-didn’t-end-up-as-socks), but wish I’d done it in the same way as the cable that is carried down the foot. Never mind!



Despite having plenty of sock yarn already, I bought more. A skein of The Knittery’s Merino Slim Sock in the passionfruit colourway, and one undyed. The passionfruit one is to become Sockbug’s River Rapid Socks. Maybe I don’t need so many socks, but I really enjoy knitting them. And that’s what counts.


I also have some Bendigo Cotton on order to make a Josephine Top from Interweave Knits Summer 2007 issue. Don’t ask me when I’ll find the time to knit all this stuff!

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