The hole is very deep…

I do still exist. Really I do. It seems that hole I referred to in my last post (gulp! – more than two months ago) was a lot deeper than I thought. It’s going to be a long school year…

Anyhow, there has been knitting progress. First up, the Earl Grey Socks were completed on 30th March and have been in regular use since their completion.


The day after those were completed, the River Rapids Socks were cast on. The photo below was taken about three weeks ago, and I’m actually more than half way down the foot of the first sock. The finer yarn makes these socks slow, but nonetheless enjoyable.


The Bendigo cotton arrived for the Josephine Top, but instead of 200 gram balls as I expected, they sent multiples of 4 x 50g balls. A minor annoyance that will see four times as many end needing weaving in… But this too is cast on (in the round) and progressing nicely. I am up to the final repeat of the lace pattern, which is nearly double the amount of knitting the picture shows as this too was photographed weeks ago…


That’s about all there is to report at present. Oh, except I have a new computer now so I can read and see the screen more clearly (my old Dell suffered from the vertical line issue of doom – naturally the new computer is not a Dell). The knitting is keeping me sane (or about as sane as I usually am!).

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