I just keep vanishing!

It seems every post of late explains yet another absence. Unfortunately, it’s more of the same. I didn’t make it to the Craft Fair or WWKIP day at Darling Harbour earlier this month – I did in my left foot again the day before. No prednisone this time (and never again – I told my GP that I never ever want that stuff again and it was duly noted on my records) and several uncomfortable days in which I did as little walking as possible. Going to Darling Harbour just wasn’t an option. Mum had been meaning to come down to Sydney and also come to the Craft Fair and WWKIP day, but she was still recuperating from a nasty bug caught while on a bus trip to central and northern Australia.

Last Monday I began to come down with a cold. By Tuesday it had me feeling dreadful and I didn’t make it to school. I rang my sister, Katherine, that evening and left a message telling her she better not have her baby just now as I wouldn’t be much use in minding Charlotte. (You know what’s coming, right?). The call came at 2.55am on Wednesday morning, and despite feeling like death-warmed-up, I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed (because Kath said I had plenty of time), grabbed a few things and went up the road. I’m glad I didn’t dawdle much longer – they left for the hospital about 10 minutes after I got there, and Benjamin was born at 4.25am after a 2.5 hour labour, 3.53kg and 12 days early! (His sister was a 24 hour labour). So I’m an auntie again for the fifth time. Congratulations to Kath and Damien.

I was relieved from Charlotte-minding duties by Mum coming down to Sydney that morning, but no doubt the early morning did not help my cold and I did not make it in to school for the rest of the week and am now on antibiotics horse pills for the wretched secondary infection. And the cruel part is that I’m under my GP’s orders not to see baby Ben until the end of the week (wahhhh!). I’m told he is beautiful.

I have been managing to knit and finish the Josephine Top. I’m very happy with how it has turned out. I had Mum take some photos of me wearing it earlier today before she went home. Lots of details on Ravelry (tough cheddar if you’re not on Rav!). I’m sick to death of socks and have got a real buzz out of completing something much larger for a change. I expected to take longer to complete it, so it will be a few months before it is warm enough to actually wear it. Stash enhancements of the last couple of weeks include the yarn for three more big projects…


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