holidays are good

Taking a week off from all school work was a very good move. I have about a third of a new pullover – one of the three big projects I mentioned in my last post. The pullover is based on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan from Interweave Knits (Fall 2007). The idea of making it a pullover is not mine – I saw a few done this way in Ravelry and had to do it too. I’ve done a yarn substitution – Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed instead of Rowan Felted Tweed. I love this Jo Sharp yarn. I have a well worn cardigan I made in this yarn about five years ago (pre-blog) in the Paper Rose colour (a button popped off it this morning – I’m hoping I kept a spare since I lost it while I was out and don’t hold any hope of finding it) and a scarf in the Cocoa colour. This time I’m using Peppercorn, which is a charcoal black. It was difficult to obtain enough balls of this yarn from the one dyelot. I ended up having to order it in at the Hornsby Wool and Craft Nook. I’m starting to think I may have bought too much, but that is far better than too little.


As well as the yarn substitution, I fall exactly half-way between sizes. The sizes are four inches different in the bust measurement (because of the repeats in the cabled yoke). I was hoping after knitting a gauge swatch, that I might find that knitting a half-size down would give me the actual size I want. No such luck. And the gauge swatch grew a lot on being washed (this was no huge surprise, as I say I ‘ve worked with this yarn before). So I worked out the number of stitches needed to make it my size for the body and arms (since the stitch pattern there isn’t a problem) and calculated what number of stitches I’d have when I reached the yoke and the all-important cable pattern. Believe it or not, the number I arrived at was exactly the number for one-and-a-half sizes down. No further tweaking necessary. So now all I am stressing about is that the gauge swatch had better not have lied, because I won’t know if the pullover will fit until it is finished and hits the water. Eeek! So far it is exactly the size the swatch said it would be pre-washing.


It’s amazing how much knitting I can do when I’m not working! But that’s not all I have been doing. I have had my spinning wheel out for the first time since last December and have nearly finished spinning the singles of the hand-dyed merino I bought last October.


The Passionfruit socks project is being completely ignored. I don’t need another pair of new socks just now, and I’m enjoying doing bigger things.

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