Visiting the Pond

All I seem to be doing today is visiting the frog pond. I started the first sleeve of the Tangled Yoke Pullover a few days ago, and finally had to admit defeat this morning and frog it. My gauge on 3.75 mm DPNs is looser than on 3.75 mm Addi Lace Turbos. Not a little different, a lot different. Bugger. I shall start the sleeves again on 3.25 mm DPNs and keep my fingers crossed.

I finished spinning the singles of the hand-dyed merino and taught myself to navajo ply using this You Tube video and some left over silk hankie singles. After the silk (which I now like better than the two ply yarn I made from it before) I finished spinning the rest of a small sample amount (c. 20 g) of natural brown merino into singles and then navajo plied that. Yummy!


I thought it came out a little overspun, but it relaxed after a soak and is nice and soft and about 3-4 ply equivalent. I think there’s enough there for a little pair of baby socks. Then came the hand-dyed merino. I think I overspun that even more than the natural brown stuff, but I’m still pretty happy with it.


I began knitting the pattern I intended to make this yarn into – the Multidirectional Scarf, but it is a case of right sort of colour variegation, not enough yarn.


So frogged it is, and I think it is just crying out to be socks instead. I’m listening, but it shall have to ruminate in the stash until I have time for more sock knitting. I must get back to the sleeve of the jumper.

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