Slow Progress


As you can see in the image above (not the greatest quality, since there’s not much daylight to speak of) I have finished the second sleeve, joined the sleeves and body and am half way up the yoke. The second sleeve took two weeks – partly because school was back in and partly because I fell down the stairs here at home on the second day back, landing heavily on my right elbow and bottom. I took quite a chunk of skin off my elbow and it really hurt, so there was no knitting at all for three days but it has been steadily improving since.

The yoke was commenced a week ago and the cable pattern requires care and concentration. I didn’t dare attempt to continue it at knitting group yesterday, instead choosing to graft the underarms (since I can practically graft in my sleep having performed the technique frequently in the past.). I’m hoping to be finished in another week – I desperately want to start wearing the finished product! I’m yet to get some buttons and I won’t be at SSK next weekend (my grandparents will be visiting) so I don’t know when I might get to go to All Buttons Great and Small.

I’m drowning in marking – I finished one lot this morning knowing I’m in for a week of more from the trial HSC and two topic tests. Now I’m off for my Sunday swim.

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