Tangled Yoke Complete

I finished knitting and weaving in ends on the Tangled Yoke Pullover on Monday night and wet blocked it. On Tuesday evening I finally got to try it on. Because this yarn relaxes so much after washing, I had no real way of knowing if the pullover would fit before then. I really had my doubts on Monday, and even on Tuesday when I first put it on because it seemed a bit tight in places. But I wore it to work on Wednesday, and with a little wear it has relaxed into shape and fits perfectly (and I pretty much haven’t taken it off since!). I had some photos taken at knitting group in Gordon today.



The first photo show the fit, but the light wasn’t good for showing the detail, especially in the broken rib, which looks good. The second photo shows the cable detail better. I was very happy with the choice of buttons – I ended up buying them at Spotlight.

The details: based on Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang, Interweave Knits Fall 2007
Modifications: I explained the sizing and yarn substitution issues before. I calculated the number of stitched I required for the body from my gauge swatch to knit up to the yoke. The false seams were omitted and I added short rows in the bust (six wraps each side, I think). The sleeves were knit to more fitted measurements since I did not want as much ease in them as there was in the pattern. The yoke was knitted to size 38″. I left four stitches on scrap yarn at the centre front about half way between joining the body and sleeves and starting the cable pattern. I did not make it as deep as the pattern specified since I expected the length to grow more with blocking. I think I was wrong on that front since the neckline is wider and lower at the back (yes, I did do the short rows) than I had anticipated (one of the downsides of not being able to try it on before it was finished and blocked). The neckline was knitted all-in-one with the plackets at the front, which is also grafted to the four stitches left at the front. I screwed up on positioning the buttonholes – the middle one is a bit higher than it should be. The plackets were cast off after 8/9 rows and the neckline band continued, folded over and finished with the three-needle cast off as in the pattern.

And a final note on the amount of yarn: I calculated the amount needed based on size 46″, since I’m a 44″ bust, and added a little more to be safe. That was 15 balls. I used only 9 since ultimately I was knitting closer to the 38″. I couldn’t know that until I’d bought the yarn and swatched… And now I’ve learned that Berroco deliberately over-estimate yarn requirements for their projects so this is likely to be a recurring theme with the already purchased yarn for Calvert and Eastlake.

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