Now that Tangled Yoke is finished I am committed to knitting for the Winterwarm project for the next week. My friend Sally is collecting the knitted items next weekend, so I really need to get a move on!

I dived into the stash to come up with some yarn to make some baby hats. My stash, at least that part that is not already committed to specific projects, is dominated by cream yarns so that I can dye them whatever colour I desire when I do decide what it is to become. While looking in the boxes, I came across the yarn I bought (I don’t remember if it was last year or the year before….) for another felted bag (Bendigo Rustic 8 ply in a November sale). Good timing, since I had forgotten I already had yarn for this, and came across the pattern I’d like to use a few weeks ago. The pattern is the Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag, and the variations I had been admiring used Noro Kureyon yarn. The Noro is really too expensive to me for a felting project, so I had put the idea aside before the forgotten yarn in the stash was found. This more-or-less coincided with a photo in last Sunday’s Sun Herald that caught my imagination:


Considering the number of cameras pointed at the Water Cube in Beijing at any one moment just now with the Olympics, you’d think I could come up with another shot of it lit up like that on the internet. Er, nope. Hence I had to photograph the newspaper. Those colours have me thinking this:


Which made me think of my Mother’s “jelly jumper”, made for Charlotte:


As the name may have given away, Mum dyed the yarn for the jelly jumper with packets of jelly crystals. I’ve just cut to the chase and gone straight to the food colouring – no sugar or gelatin to wash out of the wool. So the yarn I picked out for the Winterwarm baby hats became a dyeing experiment. Two 50g balls of Nundle 8 ply left over from a blanket (pre-blog) and about 75g of Bendigo 8 ply Colonial left over from my original felted bag (also pre-blog) and split into two skeins.


Each dye bath was about 1.5L water in my 2L pyrex dyeing dish, 12 drops Queen food colouring (16 for the red) and a liberal sprinkling of citric acid. From left to right: red, lime green (yellow and green in 3:1 ratio), purple (red and blue in 3:1 ratio) and straight blue. For the felted bag I’ll use Landscape “Currrawong” for the black, and I might need to use Gaywool “Indigo” for a proper blue, but the rest will be food colouring dyed.

Must do school work then knit colourful baby hats.

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