Calvert Conundrums

I started Calvert with the left front since I wanted to get the bits I needed to think about done first. The mindless stockinette will be best done when I have a lot of other things going on, like Year 7 camp, which is now in less that two weeks time (eek!). And I’m so glad I started there first…

I started to have misgivings about the accuracy of the schematics in the pattern in comparison to their photo of the finished garment. According to the instructions, I was supposed to start the chart for the yoke openwork 9” from the beginning. But if I look at the photo and use the 1.5” ribbing as a scale, the chart looks like it was started 10.5” from the beginning – 9” from the top of the ribbing. Hmmm….

I delved a little deeper into what was to follow. The sizing lengthens the openwork panel’s length. Over the full range of sizes the panel length varies by 2”. However, I really like the proportions of the lace as shown in the photo – that’s what attracted me to the pattern in the first place. And I wasn’t keen to knit it as it is written as this would probably place the panel such that it begins well below my bust line in an unflattering manner. Then Mum (who visited Sydney last week, by the way) pointed out the width doesn’t look proportional, so while it does change in length, it doesn’t change in width and so doesn’t remain in proportion as the bust size increases.

And once I started looking at the width of the panel, I noticed that it appears to be nine repeats of a yarn over paired with a decrease when you study the photos (particularly here), but the chart only has seven repeats (yes, even in the corrected chart). Not happy.

So late on Friday night I posted on Ravelry about my concerns. I left off the bit about the nine repeats versus seven in the chart because I wasn’t sure if I was counting it right. Unfortunately, only one Raveler has finished hers (and no, it doesn’t look like I was expecting) and the few that seem to be in progress have probably begun with the back and so presumably haven’t yet encountered anything they might see as a problem. So my post didn’t begin any discussion.

But I’m still in love with the Calvert in the photo. So on Saturday evening I sat down with the pen and calculator and worked out where I thought the chart should start, and how wide it should be. I shortened the whole thing by 2″ to 23″ (I didn’t realise how long it was going to be!) and I re-charted the yoke panel. Then I recommenced knitting.


Last night I finished the left front. My apologies for the poor lighting in the photo above. Having knit the openwork, I’m convinced I have counted it right in the photo and it is nine. I did make a boo boo in all my tinkering – I widened the panel to ten repeats, forgetting to take into account the width of the neckline. So the panel is now a touch too wide. I’m still dithering about whether to rip back and go with nine or leave it. At the moment I think I’m going to knit the right front with nine and compare them and then rip back the one I don’t like.

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