Life has been very hectic since the last post. I’ve survived Year 7 camp (I had a great group of kids, so it wasn’t as bad as I had feared) and I’ve been to Adelaide for a conference. The trip home from Adelaide last Friday was a bit of an ordeal, but I won’t bore you all with that other than to ponder why people feel the need to have a hissy fit when things go a little awry – it’s not going to change anything or help! But I will tell you about the better part of Friday, spent stash enhancing in Adelaide.


First stop was the Yarn Barn in Rostrevor. I found the range of yarns there quite impressive – they have some lines in Sublime, RYC and Sirdar that I haven’t seen before. I’ll be keeping them in mind once I’ve managed to run down the stash a bit (there’s already a couple more jumpers worth of yarn here). I bought Noro Silk Garden in two colours to make a Noro Scarf, and 4 balls of 8 ply Jolly Jumbuck in a natural grey (no particular project in mind).


The second stop was the Walking Wheel Studio in Seaview Downs run by Bella Head. This was like being let loose in a candy shop. Extra photos for teasing my Mother:




I would have happily have bought much more than I actually did, but had to be restrained because I had very limited room in my suitcase, and will have more fibre buying opportunities over the rest of this month. I came away with a ball of alpaca/silk lace weight yarn in Mulberry and 490 grams of merino/alpaca/silk. I wish I’d bought the Romney I had picked out too, but I knew there would be no room in the suitcase for it (the merino/alpaca/silk bag has split because I had to squash it so much!).


Had the weather been better (it was very overcast with constant drizzle) I might have ventured further, but really, two shops was enough.

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