That scarf everyone makes

How did it become the last day in November? Fourth term at school is quite a hectic one on it’s own, but I made it worse by marking School Certificate this year. No sooner were final assessments marked and my reports written then I began working the ridiculous hours that come with weeknight and Saturday marking while still teaching Monday to Friday. I wasn’t expecting to do the marking work since I was on the reserve list. But I got called up with a bit more than a weeks notice, and decided to go do it. I’m also ESSA marking again this year, starting next Saturday. At least that marking doesn’t overlap with school so much – Speech Day is this Friday, and then I just have two staff days and I’m finished with school for the year.

Having been so busy, I chose to pick up a simple project. One that couldn’t really go wrong (I’ve plenty to say about the Calvert cardie of doom, but that’s for another post once I have photos). So I grabbed the Noro I bought in Adelaide last month and made a Noro Striped Scarf.


All up it took a little over four weeks. I’m sure it would have taken less time had those not been four very busy weeks. I knit the scarf over 45 sts of 1×1 rib, and it came to 200 cm in length when I ran out of yarn. Three of the four balls had knots in them towards their centres, which was an annoyance. The two balls of one of the colourways (I forget the number – the heavily pink one) I knit from the outside to the inside of each ball – the first ball was exactly one repeat so ended in the same colour that the second ball started with – a nice transition. The second ball ended with two sections of colours out of sequence joined by knots. I had to rearrange them so that the colour transition wasn’t too sudden. The other colourway was knit from the inside to the outside of the first ball, then the outside to the inside of the second ball. I did this so that the colour sequences from the two balls wouldn’t repeat exactly the same way in the two halves of the scarf. There are some sudden colour transitions in places thanks to knots and that the two balls didn’t start at the same point in the colour sequence.


I love that it is reversible and looks like stocking stitch. I thought that the 1×1 rib might drive me insane, but actually the way the Noro yarns change colour and the way the two colour sequences worked together kept my interest in this project. I can’t say I’m itching to do it over again though.

I was going to flash a photo of what I cast on after the scarf, but I left my camera at Inigo’s birthday party yesterday. So no pics of crayon rolls, terrible moustaches or new knitting (or Calvert) until I have it back.

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