And Everything Else

Two posts on the same day! I wanted the Calvert stuff separate from the rest. There’s been:


Work on a Pinwheel Cardigan for Charlotte. Now that I understand the geometry involved, I’m after a measurement of my dear niece to confirm it will actually fit her next Winter. I shall have to attack her with a tape measure on Christmas Day.



A crayon roll for a cute one year old. (I made three of these last Christmas for my three nieces – and forgot to photograph them…). And yes, I got into the spirit of the party.



Shedir, a chemo cap for a work colleague recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

A fun day out knitting in public at the Opera House, but I didn’t take any photos of my own so you’ll have to go here (I’m in the last photo). David interviewed me for his podcast.


And the yarn (Bendigo Rustic 8 ply) has been dyed for the Stained Glass Felted Bag. There are another two colours not in the photo – an apple green and a pink. The black was dyed with Landscape “Currawong” and the blue (front right) was dyed with Gaywool “Indigo”, but the others are Queen Food Colouring. There is also another skein dyed with the “Indigo” that was way too dark. I might use it to knit a test felting swatch although I’m fairly sure this will felt the same way as Bendigo Colonial 8 ply – the only difference is the Colonial is crepe plied while Rustic is not.

Oh! And I nearly forgot. I bought a second spinning wheel. I haven’t had time to play with it yet.


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  1. discoknitter says:

    Thanks jen! We love Inigo’s crayon roll, and I look forward to him learning to control that pesky opposable thumb and drawing up a storm 🙂


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