Progress on the felted bag

I’ve made a lot of progress on the stained glass felted bag, which I started two days before Christmas. This has been a fun project. With each round of shells I have laid out the bag and then arranged the colours for the next round. So I have a lot of progress shots.


I’m up to the first decreasing round on the base of the bag. Every shell in this round is green (bottom right photo) and each subsequent decreasing round will also be a single colour. I dyed 50 grams of each colour which was much, much more than I needed, so there will be a lot of colourful leftovers to play with in the future. I dyed 100 grams of the black, and have nearly finished one ball, with the second needed to knit the handles, so I’ve probably done about the right amount.

Apart from the knitting I have been getting to know my new Wind Wheel. I’m spinning up 200 grams of 70% Alpaca, 30% Merino I bought many months back from Spin’N’Knit. Both the fibre and the wheel are very nice to spin with.


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