Upgrade Update

If you were really quick (or use the feed), you might know that I started an update of the blog software yesterday. That post (didn’t at the time of this post, but does now) exist anymore. Basically, I broke the blog. It’s okay – I restored the database and started over – and even made some progress forward (in that I actually have templates now). I need to rewrite the templates to massage the blog back into something resembling what I want it to look like. Until then, I apologise for the mess (I still need to manually reset some templates, hence the mashed look of some pages), the broken links and anything else it does while I sort it out.

And thank you, Movable Type, for making this such an easy process… Ahem.

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One Response to Upgrade Update

  1. Jen says:

    Nearly there now. The final style needs changing and the site banner has to come back, then I should be done.


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