First Sock Syndrome

There’s very little progress being made on anything around here since it’s wall-to-wall school work. Year 8 camp a few weeks back really put me behind on everything. I’m hoping to get back on top of things over Easter.

Before camp I started a new project, but just in case the person it is for happens to read here, I won’t show it. It is on Ravelry so if you’re on there you’ll see it… I didn’t take it on camp because it is using four colours and was really too large to fit in with all the essentials. So I took the sock of doom, the River Rapids Sock in The Knittery Slim Merino. Nice yarn, nice pattern, but so slow since the yarn is so fine! I started the sock on April 1st last year. By the time I first blogged about it, I was half-way down the foot. At some point I put it down knowing I needed about one repeat of the pattern before doing the toe. And there it stayed until camp. I knew if I took it I would be forced to knit it, and I was right. I finished the darn sock with the exception of the grafting. I got to the grafting the same day I hit the wall of camp-induced sleep deprivation. Tents. Rain. Sick kids in middle of night (my camp group was a revolving door, including the camp instructor with a broken toe!). Just great! I actually tried to graft the front of the toe, then came to my senses and gave up. I finally finished the bugger a week ago. With first sock syndrome having hit, I’ve no idea when I’ll even cast on the second.


I have managed to find some time on the spinning wheel, including most of yesterday while attending the Guild AGM. I have finished the singles of the alpaca/merino blend and am looking forward to plying them soon.


No progress on the Pinwheel Cardie or fixing the blog properly. Bring on the Easter break!

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