Pinwheel Cardie Completed

I survived first term but then came down with a bad cold on the Easter weekend. I’m still suffering, even after six days on industrial strength antibiotics. I’ll probably just come right in time to return to school on Monday. No fair!

One positive of being too ill to move off the couch is that a fair bit of knitting was done. Charlotte’s Pinwheel Cardie finally grew sleeves. I fiddled around with the edging on the sleeves, ripping back about three times, eventually going for 2×2 rib. I’m quite pleased with how it came out.


To decide where to position the buttons, I needed Charlotte to try the cardie on. When I arrived at my sister’s house this morning, Charlotte immediately announced she didn’t want my cardigan as she like the pink one her Grandma (our Mum) knit her. Well, this was going to be fun! We got it on her once for a few milliseconds before it came off. She said how much she liked the buttons on Grandma’s cardie, so I pointed out that I wanted her to put on the cardie so I could work out where the buttons should go. I showed her the buttons, which she liked, but she still refused to put it on. Even bribery failed. So I simply guessed and sewed on a button while Charlotte watched. We got it on her again, long enough to work out the button was too low, before it came off again. I repositioned the button. On again, for seconds, then off. We decided a second button above the first was needed and I sewed that on. The pictures below were the last attempt before we gave up. We didn’t get a chance to fix up her top underneath, so the sleeves are sitting awkwardly over her bunched up top.



She had her hair in bunches when I arrived – I managed to get a snap of that on my camera phone. She normally hates having her hair tied up. As you can see, by the time these pictures were taken, her hair is no longer in bunches. Tomorrow she might love the Pinwheel. Contrary child!

Just before falling ill I managed to finish plying the alpaca/merino blend.


And it was dyed with Landscape “Saltmarsh”.


I would dearly love to cast on the lace for which it is intended, but I really must start a new cardigan for myself – the one that was Calvert. “Not Calvert” is presently being swatched. It will be a top-down raglan in a similar style to Mr Greenjeans but with a lace rib instead of cable and rib.

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  1. discoknitter says:

    Congratulations on finally finishing the pinwheel – it’s gorgeous!


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