Mainly Marking

On Monday I handed a marked task back to one of my classes that they’d handed in on April 1st. It was a bundle I didn’t get to in the holidays because of being sick and there has been lots of other “urgent” marking getting in the way. By today I’d handed back four different bundles of marking this week. But I received three new bundles of marking. So on the positive side, I’m ahead by one bundle, and, the real achievement, all of it is work that was submitted this week. When I’m not marking, I’m writing reports. Somewhere amongst all this, I think I get some teaching done. No wonder I’m not blogging much!

I could perhaps be excused for not having done any knitting or spinning, but actually I have been doing both. The “mystery project” is very close to finished and ahead of schedule. The “not Calvert” cardigan is nearly down to dividing the arms from the body (sorry, haven’t photographed it yet). I still yearn to cast on the lace project I finished the yarn in the previous post for…

I started spinning something new. I bought some lovely English Leicester/Kid Mohair/Bamboo roving last October and it is spinning up beautifully. In two weeks I have nearly half the singles done.


It has a slight purple tinge I absolutely love. I do love my purple…

I also bought some new fibre (just don’t ask me when I’ll spin the stuff I already have!). Hand-dyed Angorino (95% 17.5 micron Merino/5% Angora Bunny) Tops from Ixchel.


I’m going to ignore the marking for a little while and go do some spinning.

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