About time too!

The blog upgrade I started *gulp* 4 months ago is finally finished. I did mean to finish it over Easter, but illness intervened. As well as reinstating the blog banner, I’ve removed the dead links to the photoalbums that are no more, and fixed the internal page links (the file naming system changed twice? in the blogware upgrade, screwing everything). A little bug still remains, but until I find the culprit script, I can’t fix it.

The ‘mystery project’ was finished last week – a few weeks ahead of its scheduled gifting, so no photos yet. This finally allowed me to cast on some lace in the alpaca/merino blend. I changed my mind several times about which pattern to use, but in the end ‘Revontuli’ won (English translation here). It doesn’t look like much yet, so I haven’t photographed it. The ‘not Calvert’ cardigan is nearly down to the armholes, with very long knit rows that only just work on an 80cm circular. When I split the arms from the body, I’ll photograph it.

Spinning the English Leicester/Kid Mohair/Bamboo is progressing nicely. I’m off to spin some more of it and eat some fruit cake, fresh from the oven. Nom nom.

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