Nine years new

My sister and her family came over for afternoon tea and helped eat the fruit cake. While they were here I got out a jumper I knit 9 or 10 years ago, soon after I took knitting up again. It was my first attempt at cables, and back then I knitted my purls twisted, so the stocking stitch created has a particular texture (I stopped purling that way in 2003 so that I could knit lace). The jumper was originally intended for my nephew Harrison. But by the time I finished it and vest in the same, non-machine washable yarn, it had become apparent that anything non-machine washable wasn’t going to, umm, last.

I hadn’t thought this jumper would fit Ben as he’s a big boy (two weeks from his first birthday). But I had the jumper out last month when I visited Year 1 at school to demonstrate spinning, weaving and knitting. (I think I forgot to blog about that. It was fun.) It was bigger than I remembered, so I thought it was worth a try. I have three nieces between Harrison and Ben, so the little jumper and vest have had to wait some time!

I couldn’t have done better if I’d measured him up and made it specifically for him in the first place! The pattern is from a Patons baby book. The yarn is Jo Sharp Classic DK in shade 903 ‘silk’ (back from when the yarn was made in New Zealand and could be bought from the haberdashery section of Grace Bros – my sister struggled to remember Grace Bros having a habby section!). I still have a ball and a bit left in the stash. The vest is in a burgundy shade (307?). Ben looks lovely in the jumper and I may have to make the same again in a larger size for him for next Winter.

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