Noro Socks Done

The Noro Socks were finished today. The new sock yarn worked as an incentive to get the second sock done at quite a pace – especially as the last week of term was not a great one (it had highs; it has lows; thankfully, it’s over!). The two socks are definitely fraternal twins. I’m not quite sure what happened. I wound the ball into two equal balls from the same direction of the original ball, so both should have had the colour repeat progress in the same direction. I then used one from the centre and one from the outside. But the same half of the colourway came out of both balls in sock one, and the other half of the colourway in sock two. There was a knot near the outside of one ball, so perhaps that came near the centre of the original ball and the direction of the colour repeat changes there? I’m not sure. I’m happier with the colours in the second sock than the first.


I’m also happy with the jogless stripe method used. I slipped the first stitch of the second round of each new stripe, which pulls up the first stitch in the stripe. This “seam line” is not terribly obvious, and I put them on opposite sides of the two socks so they are also hidden on the inside leg.


Now I need to decide which of the new sock yarns to cast on next. I should make it the DIC Starry ‘Black Pearl’ since I now need to replace my black Patonyle socks. They went through a normal wash by mistake again (the black, it gets lost and unnoticed, hence the choice of Starry so I might see it!) and now are too felted to fit properly. But I haven’t decided on a pattern for them, so it might have to be the DIC Smooshy ‘Cloud Jungle’ in Leyburns.

I’ve had a busy first day of my holidays (three weeks – woo hoo!). I went into the city to Morris and Sons and Haighs, and then to SSK. The visit to M&S was because of some Knit Pro interchangeable needle tips I bought the other week along with the Kaffe Fassett Regia sock yarn. I came to use them last Saturday evening and found one of the tips would not screw onto the cord and was defective. So I had to go in and exchange them. A bit of a pain, but M&S were great about it. The tips were needed for the Swallowtail Shawl as the ‘Not Calvert’ cardigan was already on my Addi Lace Turbos of the same size. Yes, as dictated by knitting law, if you are knitting two projects, they seem to invariably need the same needle size. I was using my Addi Turbos, but they just don’t have the points required for lace. Before needle change over, the Swallowtail looked thus:


I finished the Noro Socks while at SSK, which was a small but enjoyable group today, and managed just one row on the Swallowtail.

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