Swallowtail Shawl Done

I love the speed at which I progress on things in school holidays… These have been very productive holidays, with much knitting and spinning; a rental inspection; new tyres for the car and knitting with a different group of knitters at Macquarie Centre. I’ve also upgraded my mobile to an iPhone and been North and visited my parents for the weekend at Port Stephens. I still have just under a week left before Term 3 kicks in (and probably kicks me repeatedly until 1 October!).

Swallowtail was completed nearly a week ago, but blocking took a further two days (too cold for anything to dry at all quickly around here. I was surprised to have 40 grams of yarn left over despite having thought I would run out of yarn based on the yardage stated as required by the pattern. It would have been desirable to have gone up a needle size, but frogging and re-knitting was out of the question. Pre-blocking, the shawl was 90 cm across and 43 cm deep.


Here it is, blocking:


Post-blocking it measures 125 cm wide and 58 cm deep. It is meant to be a small shawl, but, like most seem to say, if I make it again, I will make it larger with more repeats of the budding lace. I had my Mother’s assistance this morning for the following photos:



Tomorrow, I’ll have pictures of my spinning and current knitting.

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